Dominique McCain

Chief Strategy & Impact Officer

Dominique S. McCain is a change management expert and organizational solutions maven.
She’s spent over twenty-years capacity building and working directly with influencers and
thought leaders in identifying and implementing solutions to some of their most thorny
A proven cartographer of connection with diverse, educational leadership experience in both
large urban educational systems and the non-profit sector, her knowledge and expertise of
building equity within systems has helped to challenge and equip partners to attain their
desired outcomes. She centers the work on the facilitation of self-actualization to improve
outcomes and impact.

As a career strategist, Dominique has led transformational projects including full re-designs and
re-orgs, collective impact work with a historical early childhood coalition in North Texas, and
leadership development and training. Her natural ability to successfully navigate the terrains of
people systems and organizational design for mission driven impact has proven to be effective
and lead to impact.

She has deep knowledge and expertise in literacy and literacy instruction as a social justice
impact play, pedagogical best practice, and teacher development. As a leader at the Commit
Partnership, she positively impacts the organization’s overall approach to their work. Her core
value of “students first” led to her playing a critical role in supporting the advocacy efforts for
the landmark 2019 Texas legislative session. She has led teams throughout her career and has a
proven method for team development, cohesion, and impact. She is dedicated to continually
increasing her impact and influence to serve as many stakeholders as possible.