For Families

Child Care Bridge Fund

Are you on the Child Care Assistance (CCA/CCG) wait list and need help paying for child care? We may be able to help!

If you qualify, the Bridge Fund can help pay your childcare costs while enrolled at a participating Bridge Fund Center, until you are outreached for permanent care by CCMS.  Explore qualifications and Bridge Fund Centers below.

Currently, the Bridge Fund is able to accept applications from:

1) Dallas County families currently on the CCMS waitlist

2) Tarrant County families with CCA waitlist add dates of December 2017 – December  2018


1.   Resident of Dallas County or Tarrant County who meet the current waitlist dates above.

3.   Female attending school full-time or working 25+ hours per week.  Two-Parent Households: minimum of 50 hours a week  (25+ hours each)

4.  At least one child aged 0-5 needing child care

5.   Currently on the waiting list for Child Care Assistance

6.   Earn less than the monthly income guidelines below

*Include ALL monies received on a monthly basis, before taxes have been taken out.

Dallas County

Tarrant County

If you answered “YES” to each question, then you may be eligible for the Child Care Bridge Fund. Please click here for a list of participating Early Learning Centers where you can obtain a program application.