Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to Educational First Step’s Blog!

Let’s think about the word “step” for a second… it means a movement made by lifting the foot and setting it down again in a new position, accompanied by a shift in the weight of the body in the direction of a new position, as in walking, running or dancing.  The earliest years of a child’s life are crucial; every “Step” is important for the development of social, emotional, cognitive and physical aspects that lay the foundation for life success.  This is where we all “step” in.  Let’s create a movement to invest in early childhood education. You can be the shift necessary to put us in a new position as we lift, support and encourage the journey to quality early education. 

We have a very special team of passionate educators from all facets who plan to use the blog as a platform to share stories, give insight about early childhood education and most importantly be an advocate for the children, families and communities we serve.  We need your support as we continue to spread the importance of early learning education and the impact of having skilled educators in the field. 

Let’s get moving… and remember, every “Step Forward” counts!

Contributer: Shanta Bell is currently an Early Learning Specialist working with post-accredited partner centers.