Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to everyone who has supported toward the inaugural Munson Lecture Series event. Every gift makes a difference.

For over 30 years, Educational First Steps has stood as a source of hope and support for early childhood educators, by partnering with childcare centers in the neighborhoods of greatest need across North Texas to provide children with a high-quality early education and a foundation for long term success in life.  Unfortunately, for some children in communities challenged by poverty, systemic racism, and a lack of resources, access to both high-quality early education and opportunity remains limited. 

All proceeds from sponsorships and ticket sales support the EFS mission and will directly impact the over 8,000 children and 1,500 early educators served today by Educational First Steps through over 100 independent early learning centers in the greater Dallas and Fort Worth area. 

Carolyn Boros, Director at
Saint Pius X Early Learning Center

“Early childhood is where it all starts,” Mrs. Boros shared in a recent interview. We try to provide children with as much as we can, whatever we can – extra clothes, books, food, resources, but it’s expensive to have all the things needed for our teachers and students.

We came in partnership with EFS right before the pandemic started and had to temporarily close as our relationship was just beginning. Due to the affects of COVID, we initially lost 75% of our students, drastically affecting our cashflow.

EFS has been here for us, to help us find a way through difficult time. They provided professional development training, relief supplies, resources, and even a Covid relief grant.
Knowing they are here for us and supporting us through, has made the difference for our early learning center.  

Educational First Steps
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