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Partner Center Spotlight | Saintsville Baptist Academy

It is month three of the Monthly Partner Center Spotlight and we are thrilled to share this interview with EFS Partner and Saintsville Baptist Academy Center Director, Shirley Pace. Saintsville Baptist Academy has partnered with EFS since August 2013, and Shirley and her family have been a part of the center since its inception in 2004. The Pace Family is a pillar of the East Forth Worth community, and they strive to serve and support others in everything they do.

In this month’s video, Shirley shares her experience partnering with EFS and the importance of accreditation in Early Childhood Education.

“When children experience quality at an early age, they come to expect it. It’s important that they get basically introduced to it… so they will understand what it is that they are missing if they miss it.” – Shirley Pace


For over 30 years, Educational First Steps has served the North Texas community by creating and supporting high-quality early learning environments that ignite the minds of children from birth to age five. They achieve this by transforming existing childcare centers into nationally accredited preschools in a period of 36 months (about three years) at no cost to the centers or parents. By securing national accreditation, centers become true preschools, preparing children for kindergarten and beyond and placing them on a path to success. Learn more about our programming at https://educationalfirststeps.org/program/.