Partner Center Spotlight | Denton Christian Preschool

For our next Partner Center Spotlight, we are excited to introduce to you, EFS Partner and Denton Christian Preschool (DCP) Executive Director, Alicia Blanca. Alicia has been with DCP for about 22 years, starting out as a cook and janitor and eventually serving in every position until she was brought on as the Executive Director.

Denton Christian Preschool is a nonprofit organization based in Denton, TX, whose mission is to educate at-risk children in their community. Alicia and DCP have been partnered with EFS for six years and have maintained their National Accreditation for three years. We are proud to call them a partner and thank them for all they do to educate and serve not only the children in their communities but their families as a whole.

“When you’re Nationally Accredited, you have higher standards… we want to help this child be the best he can be, or she can be. And if we get an early start on it, then they won’t get lost in the shuffle,” – Alicia Blanca.


For over 30 years, Educational First Steps has served the North Texas community by creating and supporting high-quality early learning environments that ignite the minds of children from birth to age five. They achieve this by transforming existing childcare centers into nationally accredited preschools in a period of 36 months (about three years) at no cost to the centers or parents. By securing national accreditation, centers become true preschools, preparing children for kindergarten and beyond and placing them on a path to success. Learn more about our programming at