Non-EFS Partner Enrollment

Non-EFS Partner Enrollment

Child Development Associate Enrollment Form (for Non-EFS partners)

I.     Eligibility Requirements:

a.   Must be 18 years of age or older

b.   Hold a high school diploma or equivalent

c.   Written & oral English proficiency

II.    Costs

a.  $875 per student (See above “The CDA certification process includes the following”)

b. The CDA application is $425 (in addition to the course). Educational First Steps can handle the application upon  your request or the educator can apply individually. If you would like to request EFS to handle the application as well, the total cost will be $1300 ($875+$425).

III.   Instructions:

a.   Complete all portions of the CDA Course Enrollment Form

b.   For questions, please contact Mia Gray  at

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