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Coverage on Early Childhood Education

View recent articles, local and national, regarding the impacts of quality early learning environments, and how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting learning access.

Roads, trains and day cares: Experts say economic recovery hinges on child-care infrastructure | 02/22/2021

By Anne Branigin
The Lily

How are women navigating the pandemic economy? With flexible schedules, paid time off and other help — if they can get it | 01/17/2021

By Mitchell Schnurman
Dallas Morning News

‘We are definitely in a different mindset’: North Texas daycares adapting to constantly changing COVID-19 guidelines | 01/14/2021

By Jay Wallis

Fewer kids are enrolled in public kindergarten – that will have a lasting impact on schools and equity | 1/5/2020

The Conversation
By Taryn Morrissey

Economy Could Get a Boost From Expanded Child Care | 12/11/20


Coronavirus Threatens to Push the Childcare Industry Over the Edge | 10/19/20

Wall Street Journal
By Christina Rexrode

Day-care slots for babies are vanishing. Now their parents can’t work. | 10/06/20

Washington Post
By Alissa Quart

COVID-19 concerns lead to sharp drop in pre-K enrollment across North Texas districts | 10/05/20

Dallas Morning News
By Corbett Smith