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Children who have high-quality early learning experiences are more prepared to succeed in school and life. Search here for child care at North Texas early education centers that have achieved national accreditation or are in the process of seeking national accreditation.

Each of these centers is a part of Educational First Steps’ professional and quality development programs.

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DISCLAIMER: While accredited status is helpful in determining whether a childcare center is appropriate for your child, there is no substitute for your own evaluation of whether a center is right for your child.  Neither accreditation status nor Educational First Steps’ statements about a childcare center is a guarantee of the childcare center’s quality and safety.  Educational First Steps does not own or operate any childcare center and has no control over childcare center employees or operations.  Therefore it is very important for parents or guardians to visit each childcare center that is under consideration and make their own determination about the quality and safety of the childcare center.