Creating and Transforming Quality Centers

For eight years, Educational First Steps (EFS) has served Pace & Ross Learning Center as a partner school. Through the years, six teachers have graduated from our Child Development Associate program, increasing their effectiveness as teachers in early childhood education classrooms.

Our Pre-Accredited Partner Team led Pace & Ross through their initial National Accreditation process. Becoming accredited spans several years of mentoring, formal training and enrichment activities. An accreditation award is a major achievement for a school and is indicative of their commitment to providing a high-quality learning experience.  “I almost gave up because it was so different from what we were doing and thought worked,” said Brenda Pace, Director and Owner of Pace & Ross. “Lawanda, our EFS Specialist was patient with me and persistent. I’m so happy she was, now I see the difference achieving quality brings to my teachers and the growth of the children.”

Once accredited, sustaining the business by attracting parents to quality is a priority of our Accredited Partner Team. It begins with unique branding and marketing that share the school’s benefits and value.  A positive experience for parents entering the center is the next step to ensure a quality school can gain and retain enrollment.

Many partner schools, like Pace & Ross, experience barriers to achieving high-quality learning environments and increasing enrollment, due to lack of funding, wear of older buildings, and a need for expertise.
Thanks to generous donors, Educational First Steps breaks barriers to help schools become accredited and gain a competitive edge through physical improvements, design and marketing to boost sustainability.

Most recently at Pace & Ross, new flooring was installed in the entrance area, hallway and two classrooms. The school’s interior was decluttered and freshly painted to provide a cohesive appeal. “The teachers were inspired by their new spaces and have been implementing tactics from their recent [Educational First Steps] trainings to maintain the upkeep,” Ms. Pace said.

The goal of this work is to serve more children in quality centers to prepare them to have a strong start to achieve success in both academics and life. Through partnership with Educational First Steps, Pace & Ross has increased their standard of excellence. Since 1994, 60% of students that have matriculated through Pace & Ross have graduated from high school and pursued higher education. Since becoming an Accredited Partner, enrollment has increased 45%, from 49 (0-5) to 71 (0-5). This impact in the Oakcliff community wouldn’t be possible without generous donors like you.  

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