Awards and Eligibility

Awards and Eligibility

Educational First Steps

Dallas/Fort Worth COVID-19 Childcare Relief Fund

Awards are intended to provide gap funding and immediate economic hardship relief to cover items not supported by the Texas Workforce Commission and other publicly available options as well as child developments centers that are required to serve as social service agencies without the 501c3 status.  Award amounts will range from $500 to $4,000, and the maximum total award amount per recipient is not to exceed $4,000 for childcare centers and $1,500 for home based providers. 

Awards are open to partner centers (105) and home based providers (60) within the EFS network as well as early childcare providers across the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area that: 1) Do not qualify as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, 2) Represent predominantly women or minority owned businesses, 3) Serve at-risk or economically disadvantaged populations, and 4) Provide quality early childhood education.