Classroom Assessment Scoring System® (CLASS), is a leading quality improvement system for teaching that helps measure and improve classroom interactions — a key factor proven to drive children’s academic and life-long success.

CLASS not only defines teaching quality through the lens of interactions, it provides the ability to measure and improve the interactions that matter most for student outcomes. It’s a journey of continuous improvement that is data-driven and focused on what matters most for student outcomes, interactions.

Educational First Steps has been utilizing the CLASS strategy tool since 2017 to fortify the mentoring by EFS Early Learning Specialists to increase outcomes in the classroom. Each of the EFS Specialists has obtained the yearly CLASS Observer certification. This certification means they focus on quality interactions, have the tools and knowledge to measure quality interactions through a data-driven system, and use these findings to improve mentoring quality through tailored and individualized professional development. 

Because of Educational First Steps’ use of the CLASS tool, EFS was recently selected by COMMIT to participate in a grant opportunity utilizing the CLASS tool on a deeper level that include:

  • ‘Train the Trainer’ Certification provided to all EFS Early Learning Specialists
  • Extended professional develop training to partnering participating child care providers
  • The CLASS Master Coaching 18 month course for two EFS Early Learning Specialists

In CLASS Master Coaching, mentors learn how to guide educators through their learning by setting achievable and relevant goals, providing feedback and reflection opportunities, and building off of their strengths for further progress toward their goals. The impact is directly felt in classrooms through intentional teacher-child CLASS-based interactions!

Educational First Steps is a learning organization and strives to be at the forefront of professional development by offering a far-reaching curriculum that will impact the communities that we serve. We believe that professional development, for our educators, produces leadership qualities and skills that will support their growth and directly impact the quality of education being provided to the children in their care.

We are thrilled for this opportunity to provide extended professional development opportunities for our team that make a significant impact on teachers and children. 

Congratulations to Angela Swindell and Sheila Matlock as the EFS Early Learning Specialists selected to participate in the CLASS Master Coaching program – a tremendous opportunity that deepens the impact of the early learning experience.


Utilization of the CLASS tool has been great! It has been a treasure considering it shows me how I am progressing with my students. Because of CLASS, I can see the results of my efforts which is rewarding. The CLASS initiative inspires me to be a better teacher day by day. I have enjoyed getting one on one coaching and support along the way as well. I feel I am gaining knowledge in a holistic approach to further my understanding of the CLASS tool and how to apply it in my classroom.

Ms. Sylvia Fuentes, Kids Concepts

What a joy it has been! As an educator I want to continue to grow to create a safe environment for my children to learn. CLASS has given me new tools to use to enhance my teaching methods. Having the perspective of my observers has allowed me to see things in a different way and I am beyond excited to implement all that I am learning from CLASS. Thank you for offering me a chance to be better for my students.

Ronni Edwards, Discovery Village

This opportunity has provide me with support and refined sharpness in my engagement as a Mentor and Specialist. I feel like my coaching SUPER POWER has been rejuvenated by this experience!!

Sheila Matlock, EFS Early Learning Specialist