Call for Presenters Director’s Network

Call for Presenters Director’s Network

Educational First Steps

Director’s Network

We ask that you answer the “call” and help the Greater Dallas/ Ft. Worth communities by sharing your knowledge and experiences on our Director’s Network.

The presentation should focus on suggestions, activities, tools and best practices as they relate to improving the quality of early childhood settings for children ages 0-12. Please note that the topics listed below are only examples:

  • “Family Involvement in ECE”
  • “Building Child and Family Resilience”
  • “Cultural Diversity, Sensitivity, and Inclusion”
  • “Technology and Young Children”
  • “Social and Emotional”
  • “Business Management”
  • “Integrating Technology while Meeting Quality Standards”
  • “Leadership”
  • “Marketing and Enrollment”

Stipend: $125 per presentation. The stipend for presentations with two presenters will be $62.50 each. Presenters will need to fill out a W-9 tax form.

Important Information:

  • The Educational First Steps Director’s Network is held every Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.
  • Incomplete proposals will not be considered.
  • Presenters are encouraged to use a PowerPoint and provide handouts in PDF or Word form for conference participants to download.
  • The primary presenter will be notified on acceptance
  • The primary presenter is responsible for notifying the co-presenter.
  • Promotion of service, sales/ promotion of sales of products, and or employment recruitment is prohibited.

Each presentation will last for 1 hour

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