Vanessa Dickerson

Vice President of Development

Vanessa joined Educational First Steps (EFS) in February of 2023. A native Texan, she grew up in Oak Cliff before moving to Grapevine just prior to middle school. Vanessa has worked in Development for over 20 years. As Vice President of Development, she cultivates excellent relationships with donors and corporate partners, sharing the importance of quality early childhood education and the impact of EFS in the Dallas and Fort Worth communities.

Prior to joining EFS, Vanessa worked as a consultant to several nonprofits with strategic development, campaign counsel, and best practices on how to build relationships with those important to the growth of their mission. She has worked in both consulting for nonprofit organizations and for nonprofits in Dallas. Her greatest passion is making our local communities stronger and healthier for future generations.

Vanessa studied English and History at the University of North Texas and has three children, Jared, a doctorate student at the University of Texas in Austin, Megan, a 2021 graduate of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, and Kayla, a junior in high school.