Samantha Moya

Sr. Director of Operations

Quality early education is transformative. For children who grow up in poverty, like Samantha Moya did, a love of learning taught at an early age can dramatically improve their lives. In turn, that transformation can impact entire communities. These ideals brought Samantha to Educational First Steps, which she joined in 2007 as an Education Specialist before being promoted to Director of Early Learning Programs.  In her current role as Sr. Director of Operations she has a direct connection to the teachers, directors and centers that transform the lives of the children in their care in North Texas’ underserved neighborhoods, like West Dallas where she grew up. Since joining Educational First Steps, Samantha has been integral to the development of the Four Steps to Excellence 2.0 program and our tracking program, Mentoring, Academy and Assessment Profile (MAAP).

Samantha has more than 25 years of experience as an early childhood professional.