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Nationally accredited

Early childcare and education providers volunteer to go through an accreditation process to prove they surpass licensing requirements and meet nationally recognized academic, social and safety standards. Accrediting bodies include National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the National Accreditation Commission of Early Care and Education (NAC)

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Awaiting national accreditation

A provider that has prepared and applied for national accreditation. They are waiting for validation from one of the national accrediting organizations.

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Texas School Ready certified

Texas School Ready! is a state-wide certification program that recognizes preschool education programs that successfully prepared their students for kindergarten.

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Texas Rising Star provider

A Texas Rising Star (TRS) provider is a childcare assistance provider who voluntarily meets criteria that exceed the Texas Department of Family and Protective (DFPS) Child Care Licensing Minimum Standards.

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CCMS/CCA provider

Accepts financial aid through the Texas Child Care Management Services (CCMS)/Child Care Assistance (CCA) programs.

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Bilingual curriculum

Concepts are taught and learned in two languages.

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Bilingual staff

Some or all caregivers/teachers speak more than one language.

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Early learning curriculum

Instruction is intentional and focused on the development of young children in the following areas: cognitive, social/emotional, physical, self-management/health and speech/language.

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Faith-based curriculum

Religious instruction is incorporated into multiple aspects of the general curriculum.

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Drop-in care

Provides hourly child care on an as-needed basis

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